Before You Buy

First and foremost, we are here to help you find the perfect rug for your home, but there are a few things you can do to help us before you visit our store. With over 4,000 rugs in stock and endless custom options, there are a few ways to narrow your search and save you time.

1. Size

Consider the space you are working on and the purpose of the rug when deciding what size is best for your room. With open floor plans, the rug will be used to delineate and distinguish one area of the room from another. Here are some general rules we like to give to our clients:

Dining Room Rugs Pittsburgh

For Dining Rooms, measure with your chairs pulled out to ensure they will still be on the rug at all times. Generally, an 8 x 10 – 8 x 11 size rug is recommended for a table with six chairs (two on each side and one on each end). An approximately 9 x 12 size rug is recommended for a table that can seat eight. If your table is circular or square, a corresponding circular or square-size rug will work best, although these sizes are less common.

Family Room Rugs Pittsburgh

For Family Rooms, make sure that every piece of furniture is at least touching your rug or partially on your rug. Usually, this will be an 8 x 10 – 9 x 12 size rug, depending on your room size and furniture. This will make your room visually look larger and tie all your pieces of furniture together, so nothing looks like it is floating or out of place.

In homes with an open floor plan, this is particularly important since there are no physical boundaries separating spaces. If your family room is very large, like a great room, having a rug that allows all your furniture to sit completely on the rug can be a favorable option. These sizes are usually 10 x 14, 12 x 15 or larger. While not as common, having a large rug in a room that accommodates it will make all the difference in the overall look of a room.

Living Room Rugs Pittsburgh

For Living Rooms or less used areas, a rug can be more of an accent piece to the overall décor and sit in front of your furniture. Most often, the size we recommend is a 5 x 8 rug. This size rug will be large enough to accommodate a coffee table and go just beyond a typical size couch.

2. Style

Most homes and décor styles can be separated into three categories, traditional, transitional, and modern. As a general rule, if your home is traditional, modern décor will look out of place and vice versa. However, if you have a traditional home and want an updated look a transitional rug is what you need. Transitional rugs will have elements of both traditional and modern rugs and can bridge the gap between old and new.

3. Budget

There are many different qualities and price points for area rugs. The main determining factors are how the rugs are constructed and the materials used. High quality handmade wool rugs will have character and a patina that can’t be achieved in a synthetic piece.

High-quality synthetic rugs have come a long way and will be better for use and upkeep compared to a low-quality wool rug. A low-quality wool rug is typically the least costly type of rug on the market today. These tend to shed a lot and have a dull look in person. Consider the priority of the spaces you have and develop a budget. We will help you find the best type of rug for each space based on this budget.

4. Pictures, Fabric Samples, Room Measurements

Once you have a good idea of what you would like the rug to do for your room and the style you need, bring us pictures, fabric samples, and room measurements. Our staff of interior decorators and rug experts will show you different options that work with your fabrics, décor, and budget.