Rug Wash & Repair

Here at World of Rugs, we take pride in the services that we provide to our customers. Striving for perfection is our goal. We wash and restore rugs the traditional way using the techniques that have been passed along for four generations. With over 25 years of experience in the flooring industry, we have a professional team to assist with any of your area rug needs.

Our services include:

  • Hand-washing area rugs
  • Silk rug cleaning
  • Scotch Guarding
  • Pet stain and odor removal
  • Re-weaving
  • Hand Binding
  • Machine Surging
  • Patching holes

Below is a general overview of our extensive cleaning procedure.

Area Rug Cleaning Procedure

  • Measure and inspect all rugs upon arrival. Tag and invoice.
  • Remove any objects and note.
  • Kirby Vacuum back of rug and then front. Repeat if necessary. Hang and use dust beater if necessary.

For Synthetic Pile Rugs:

  • Soak rug in washing pit.
  • Remove rug from washing pit and allow excess water to drain off.
  • Apply synthetic cleaning shampoo mixture to rug.
  • Use extractor to clean and remove shampoo.
  • Place rug over drying grate and allow to dry.
  • Comb and fluff pile if necessary and/or use Kirby Vacuum on pile.

For Wool Pile Rugs:

  • Hose rug in washing pit.
  • Allow excess water to run off.
  • Hand wash using wool cleaning shampoo.
  • Hose off rug in washing pit until all shampoo has been removed. DO NOT SOAK RUG.
  • Allow excess water to run off.
  • Flip rug and repeat.
  • Repeat procedure until excess water has no sign of soil.
  • Place rug on drying grate and allow to dry.
  • Brush with hard brush and dust further if necessary.