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General Rug Care

With proper care a good quality rug will require little maintenance and last a long time (hand knotted rugs are lifetime pieces). On wool rugs the colors and hand feel will soften over time, making them more desirable. There are some general rules we use for caring for a good quality rug:

  1. Vacuum frequently- This will ensure dirt and dust stays out of the pile. On a rug with fringe do not use the beater bar on the fringe portion.
  2. No Harsh Chemicals- Harsh chemicals can often times pull a good portion of a stain out of a rug. However, they often times will alter the color of the rug and interact with the dyes used in wool rugs. Also, chemical cleaners will set a stain after being used, making it almost impossible to remove after CHEMICALS are applied.
  3. Professionally cleaning- A good quality wool rug needs to be professionally cleaned every 3-5 years (even more frequently for a very high traffic area such as a kitchen or mud room). This will ensure the rug is properly dusted, preventing cracking and keeping the wool bright and vibrant.
  4. Sprouting- In new wool rugs “sprouting” is a common occurrence. When a rug is finished off the loom it is sheared during the final process giving the rug the desired pile height. Often times many of the fibers are not removed or ARE reduced to the pile height of the rest of the rug. As the rug is used some of these fibers will sprout up and we recommend snipping them. Some rugs sprout a lot and it is not a problem, after the first washing all sprouts will come up.
  5.  Visit  our FAQ page for more tips about cleaning & care of your rug(s).