Rug Styles

Modern Rugs Pittsburgh

Modern rugs will typically feature abstract, repetitive geometric, or a textured/plain design. A room with a modern rug can have one of these key features and be accented with fabrics and furniture with the other types of designs for an overall cohesive modern look (i.e. an abstract design rug can be accented or coordinated with a geometric upholstered ottoman or simple plain leather couch with clean lines.)

Transitional Rugs Pittsburgh

Transitional rugs have elements of both the old and new. The most versatile type of rugs, Transitional pieces often do not have strong bold patterns which helps them blend well with upholstered fabrics of all types. Transitional rugs can also find a home in a modern space or traditional space that is being updated with new colors and fabrics.

Traditional Rugs Pittsburgh

Traditional rugs will often have contrasting colors, typically with oriental designs. A traditional oriental rug will be a key feature of any room and it is best to decorate “from the ground up” when using one. Oriental rugs with traditional patterns are considered timeless and the designs and colors can be found in antique, vintage, and new pieces.