Lease A Rug

Quality, Elegance & Beauty Creates a Luxurious Atmosphere

Quality Oriental rugs coordinate with the most diverse decor. At World of Rugs, we’ll work closely with you to create the right look at the right price, without sacrificing quality while completely fulfilling your expectations.

World of Rugs provides graceful solutions for all kinds of flooring locations and decor. You have the freedom to choose a FLEXIBLE short or long term lease tailored to your needs and taste. We have one of the largest SELECTIONS available in the Pittsburgh area, we import our rugs directly and are one of Pittsburgh’s leading sellers of fine, hand made Oriental rugs. We will make it CONVENIENT for you, you can rent any size, any quality, and as many rugs for any room or area you wish.

Why Lease?

Leasing adds flexibility

  • Companies have different needs, different cash flow patterns and sometimes irregular streams of income. Therefore, your business conditions, cash flow, equipment needs, and tax situation dictate the terms and conditions of your lease.
  • Leasing is protection against out of fashion fixtures. There is no longer a risk of suffering with ‘out of fashion’ colors and designs. Leasing allows you to return or secure an upgrade at the end of the lease term. Moreover, your design and colors needs can change over time. Leasing allows you to keep your options open.
  • Leasing is cash flow management.
  • Leasing keeps your line of credit open so you do not tie up your money in something that you have to change in a few years. Also, it allows you to avoid costly down-payments. Other advantages include off-balance sheet financing and leasing TO better manage your assets and liabilities.

Leasing is a tax advantage

You, the lessor, will realize depreciation benefits enabling you to deduct lease payments as regular operating expenses. Therefore, if you are subject to alternative minimum tax, you can benefit because the lease payments are not considered as tax preference.

Option to Buy

  • You have the option of buying the rug at the end of the lease period, where your monthly payments will count toward the purchase price.
  • Leasing is a great option for Banks, Hotels, Churches, Offices, Institutions or special events such as Weddings, Photo shoots, Movie or TV Broadcast and many more…