Remove A Pet Stain Quickly!

Tuesday December 26, 2017 By World of Rugs

We’ve all seen that face before! The face of a pet ashamed for doing their business on your prized rug. Fortunately, if caught early, the rug can be cared for with a quick and easy method using household items.

Emergency Pet Stain Removal Technique:

The best tool to have in your home is a small one or two gallon wet vacuum or small spot removal machine like those sold in department stores. A small wet vac can be purchased for as little as $20-$40 and they are a real handy investment. We recommend a small machine because of the more convenient size and easy access if you store it close by in a closet.

If you can get to the urine right while it is fresh, you will have a much better chance of
total removal. Simply vacuum the urine right out of the carpet initially until no more comes out. Then apply copious amounts of this solution: 50% white vinegar and plain cold water. Do not be afraid to wet the rug… you have your vacuum right there with you. Now let it sit a few minutes and then vacuum it all out. Repeat the process, making sure all of the vinegar-water solution totally covers and extends beyond ANYWHERE the urine might have traveled to. Again, do not be afraid to wet your carpet. After all, your pet just did.

No wet vacuum? No problem. Fold up a bath towel so it is an absorbent cushion and place it on the urine. Now stand on it for a full ten seconds. Lift up the towel and you will see how much is absorbed. Flip it over to a dry side and repeat it. Then with other towels, do the same thing after applying the vinegar-water solution. Just throw those nasty towels in the washing machine after and you can effectively correct the urine problem without a machine.

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