Top 6 Famous Rugs from Your Favorite Movies

Wednesday October 10, 2018 By World of Rugs

Who better than blockbuster movies to feature some of the best room settings?! After scanning the internet, we found the top 6 examples of feature films appreciating the way an oriental rug can bring everything together. Lets take a look…

1. The Big Lebowski

The area rug in the home of Jeff Bridges’ character really tied the room together.

2. Home Alone

In the movie set of Home Alone, the Mcallisters made great use of stair and hallway runners.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street

This fantastic Bubble Rug was used in the luxury loft in Manhattan that Jordan Belfort owned.

4. The Notebook

The Notebook’s Living Room Set uses an amazing, large Traditional Rug.

5. The Great Gatsby

Leo’s character flaunts this multi-story bedroom featuring a rug pulling the scene together.

6. Cheaper by the Dozen

Another great use of runners in this scene.

Check out our photo galleries for more great examples.

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