Will my rug fade?

Wednesday October 10, 2018 By World of Rugs

Part of the rug-making process by Iranians is the superior dying process and materials used to make the rugs. Before being made into rugs, the yarn is washed several times, and, upon completion of the carpet, that same multiple-washing technique is employed. This is done to secure the color and to keep it from running.

While it is unlikely a rug will fade much, if at all, one will notice that their rugs will age gracefully. The term “abrash” is used to suggest the slightly uneven hues characteristic of natural dyes. The term itself is an Arabic word for dappled, and it is caused by factors including slight differences in how wool batches and dyes interact. Much time and care is taken to make colors meld together nicely.

The mellowing of color is a much sought-after quality of antique carpets. One will not see fading in our rugs like they will in rugs of inferior quality.

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