Washing a Rug

Tuesday March 6, 2018 By World of Rugs

Buying a rug is an investment that requires proper care to maximize its lifespan. Neglect of even the best-made rugs can undermine their quality. For this reason, you should have your rug professionally washed to best deal with stains, moth issues, and general wear-and-tear over time.

Preventative Care

While some stains and contamination occur by accident or by wear and tear over time, certain precautions can be taken to prevent stains and damage from doing their worst. First, we recommend protecting rugs with Scotchgard, we can apply this to your rug to help prevent some stains before they happen. While not invincible, it can be a very helpful deterrent. Also, regular vacuuming is always a good idea. Besides removing dirt, it helps keep moth larvae from nesting in your rug. Once they hatch, they will start to eat at the wool and damage it. While moths do not eat synthetic materials themselves, they will eat into if it is stained with food, drink, or other proteins. Do your best to minimize spills on the rug. Accidents happen, but careful consideration should be made about what food or drink should be brought near your new investment.

At Home Rug Cleaning

If spills or pet stains do occur, use a white cloth to blot and extract the contamination instead of rubbing at it. Rinse it with warm water, blot again, and allow to air dry. Once dry, vacuum the rug to fluff it up to a level consistent with the rest of the rug. If you are unable to extract the stain (and any accompanying odor) from the rug, you should have it professionally treated.

Our Rug Washing Process

World of Rugs has served customers for nearly 15 years, and provides a fourth-generation expertise enables us to sell the finest hand-picked rugs and provide specialized and experienced cleaning and repair services. For synthetic pile rugs, the rug will be soaked in a washing pit, drained, and then have a specialty cleaning shampoo applied. A professional extractor will then clean and remove the shampoo from the rug before it is left to dry on one of our drying grates. The cleaning process is completed by combing and fluffing the synthetic pile. For wool pile rugs, the rug will first be hosed (instead of soaked) in the washing pit. After the water runs off, they are hand-washed with specialty wool cleaning shampoo before they are hosed again. The rug is then flipped over and the process is repeated until there is no detection of any soil remaining on the rug. After it dries on the drying grate, the rug will be hand brushed and dusted.

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